Prestige Car Detailing

Prestige Car Detailing

Prestige Car Detailing Sydney

Autoshine Prestige Car Detailing Sydney are a professional mobile car and boat detailing and paint correction service based in Sydney, NSW. At Autoshine Mobile Car and Boat Detailing, we believe that the best results are only achieved by someone with a very fine eye for detail using highest quality products available.

For us, your car is never “just another car”. We use the highest quality automotive detailing products on all our services. This provides outstanding results and a longer lasting finish compared to the cheap chemicals used at ordinary car wash outlets.

Autoshine Car Detailing Sydney can offer a variety of car services ranging from full interior and exterior detailing, paint correction, hand car washes, carpet shampoo, custom detailing, paint and fabric protection and full polishing and waxing using the finest quality products available.

Prestige Car detailing and paint correction takes careful and considerate time, and taking complete care with your vehicle is our delight. No matter what sort of a car you have, from your everyday drive to that special show piece, your vehicle will receive the highest standard of service, attention to detail and the most premium quality techniques and products available.

Our experienced and friendly staff will take care of both you and your vehicle with 100% customer satisfaction and offer you valuable advice and support for maintaining your car’s appearance.

With Autoshine’s boat detailing and maintenance service we are happy to come to you anywhere around Sydney, in and out of the water. Our boat services include: interior and exterior detailing, cleaning and sanding, engine and bilge cleaning, boat washing and waxing, carpet and upholstery cleaning.

No matter how busy your schedule is, the convenience and flexibility of Autoshine’s services can provide you with the professional detailing your car or boat deserves at a competitive price you can afford. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers, saving them time and money !

Eco Friendly Policy

We strongly adhere to environmentally cleaning practices in mobile car and boat detailing, which  includes using environmentally friendly cleaning agents (where possible) and ensuring that the waste is disposed of correctly. This is just another way we stand out above the rest of other mobile car & boat detailing businesses.

Our business is one of the best and fastest growing mobile car and boat detailing in Sydney.

We provide the following services: Car Detailing Sydney | Prestige Car Detailing | Hand Car Wash | Paint Correction Sydney | Paint Protection.

For more information on Car Cleaning Sydney, Car Detailing Sydney, Mobile Car Cleaning Sydney, Sydney Mobile Car Cleaning, Sydney Mobile Car Detailing, or Mobile Car Detailing Sydney then contact Auto shine mobile car and boat detailing Sydney on 0416 747 799.