Paint Correction Sydney

Paint Correction Sydney

Paint Correction Sydney

Paint Correction Sydney is the refined and technical term for polishing a vehicle’s painted parts with a machine.

Paint Correction Sydney is more commonly known terms are: buffing, buff and polish, cut and polish. While in essence these should all be the same, the reality if far from the truth. Incorrectly polishing your paintwork can lead to further damage, buffing marks or swirl marks in the paintwork making your paint worse then before. Many other car detailers use glazes or products with ‘fillers’, which merely disguise the defects in the paint.

The worst part, they may even damage your car and burn or buff through the paintwork.
In order to properly remove or ‘correct’ the paintwork, countless hours or days must be spent polishing the paintwork in order to remove defects from the paint’s surface. These ‘defects’ are in different depths in the paintwork. The majority of paintwork comprises of several layers; the base coat over the metal, and either 1 layer of paint or 2 layers comprising a layer of Clear over the base cost.
Paint Correction Sydney comprises of two main stages; compounding which is more aggressive but effective at removing scratches & defects and polishing which is designed to burnish the paint to a high gloss. Once your paintwork is properly corrected, the difference can often be like night and day. Swirl marks, watermarks, fading, scratches can all be removed while leaving the paintwork, glossy, clear with depth.

Service Duration:

1-3 days depending on the job.


21 Stage Wash
Includes multiple washes in order to remove, excess compound and dust.


Purely customisable service. This is the apex of achieving the best results for your paintwork. Every possible defect that can be removed is worked on with care until it is removed.
The paintwork will go through no less than 3 full stages of paint correction, starting with an aggressive compound and pad if necessary, and moving through to a soft finishing pad and jewelling polish.

This will remove as many defects as possible and leaving the paintwork looking deep, rich and glossy.
In addition to normal machine polishing, Stage 3 allows us to look into other options such as wet sanding deeper scratches and paint touch ups for chips and other components to make your car look its best.

Will remove up to 95% of defects. The final 5% anticipates defects that are impossible to remove.

Defects Removed:

Any possible paint defects that can be removed are corrected during this process using all available methods.


Only defects or damage beyond correction will remain.
Choose from quality Synthetic ceramic Sealants, Carnauba Wax all included in the service such as Bodyarmour 9h Carpro, Zanio, Pinnacle, Wolf, Meguiars, Gtechniq Zymol, C.Quartz, Swissvax and many more


Choosing a more exclusive Wax or Synthetic ceramic Sealant

  • A longer lasting Synthetic Sealant
  • Permanent and superior Paint Coatings
  • Upgrade additional services

Interior & Leather Package:

  • Engine Bay Detail
  • Miscellaneous
  • Full detail
  • Interior detail

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