Mobile Car Detailing Sydney

Mobile Car Detailing Sydney

Mobile Car Detailing Sydney

Can’t be bothered queuing up at a Car Wash Café when you can enjoy time at home or in your office? Mobile Car Detailing Sydney is the solution for you !

“Mobile Car Detailing Sydney” can be described as “the cleaning of the exterior / interior to remove visible dust, dirt and grime, leaving the surfaces clean and shiny” Although a very simple and straight forward task, paint damage and surface imperfections are often caused by incorrect washing techniques. At Autoshine Prestige Car Detailing Sydney we not only repair this damage but exceed this, creating a “better than new” finish.

Save yourself time and let Autoshine Mobile Car Detailing Sydney come to you. Autoshine Mobile Car Detailing Sydney is a mobile car washing, car detailing and car cleaning service based in Sydney. Have your car immaculately clean today.

Autoshine Mobile Car Detailing Sydney can come to your home, office or workplace at the time that suits you best. All our detailers are professionally trained, fully insured and police checked.

“The art of making a car beautiful is time”

This time refers not only to the time spent on your car but the time taken to gather expertise and knowledge, allowing us to provide a service that fits the beauty, elegance and sophistication of the cars we work with, restoring, enhancing and protecting your vehicle.

Process Overview

  • pH neutral citrus snow foam applied and left to dwell, gently lifting and loosening road grime.
  • Rinse down complete car paying specific attention to wheel arch areas and also underneath the vehicle as appropriate.
  • Alloys cleaned including the inside of the rim with a non-acidic wheel cleaner and further treated as necessary to remove any bonded contamination.
  • 2 bucket washes with lambs wool wash mitt, grit guards and pH neutral shampoo (no alkalises acids or abrasives).
  • Door shuts cleaned.
  • Dried with a fluffy deep pile microfiber towel.
  • Tar spots gently lifted from paintwork.
  • Metal contamination removed from paintwork with Iron X or equivalent.
  • Fine grade clay bar used to lift off bonded contaminants from paintwork.
  • Machine applied paint cleanser and gloss enhancer to further gently cleanse and start adding depth of shine.
  • Double layer of fine wax applied from our range of Swissvax, Collinite , dodo juice super natural . Also available to finish is our ceramic bodyarmour 9h Sealant System. Please call to discuss the best option for your car. Extra charges apply to our higher range wax and ceramic sealant.
  • All door and windows and seals treated and plastics conditioned.
  • Nano wheel sealant applied – delivers a brilliant shine and protective shield to alloy wheels.
  • Tyres dressed to a natural finish.
  • Exhaust tips and any other chrome / metal work polished.
  • All work and price will need to discussed prior to the detail commencing

Small – Medium Cars

  • $170+
  • e.g. Fiat 500, Audi A3, VW Golf

Large Cars

  • $250+
  • e.g. BMW 5 Series, Audi A4, Range Rover Vogue

Extra Large Cars

  • $350+
  • e.g. BMW X5, Range Rover Sport, Porsche Cayenne



Autoshine mobile Car Detailing North Sydney uses very high quality detailing products that have undergone rigorous testing on our own vehicles. We are proud to be independent and are not tied to, authorised or biased towards any particular manufacturers range of products.

Contact Autoshine Car Detailing North Sydney today on 0416 747 799 or fill out our form on the contact page.