Car Paint Protection Parramatta

Car Paint Protection Parramatta

Welcome to the most exciting part of professional car detailing in Parramatta;

Car Paint Protection Parramatta

After all the hard work in detailing and paint correction, Car Paint Protection Parramatta is one of the most important things to consider.

Car Paint Protection Parramatta is the application of a protective treatment to car paintwork. Today’s nanotechnology paintwork treatments offer exceptional durability and excellent protection from environmental fallout. A professional application process consists of paint cleaning, decontamination, polishing and finally applying the protective treatment.

There are 3 major categories for ‘paint protection’ that exist, and Autoshine Car Paint Protection Parramatta offers all 3 for you’re choosing. We offer a variety of options within each category depending what level of protection or finish you choose.

We have chosen the top 3 choices out of all the products available globally to provide the best for you car. Choose from waxes, synthetic sealants and coatings. If one of these will give you car a different look and result.

If you are unsure which Car Paint Protection Parramatta option will benefit your car, feel free to contact us for suggestions or advice.


Coatings are the newest and most advanced technology when it comes to protecting your vehicle. The majority of coatings comprise of SiO2 or Silicone Dioxide, which is pure Glass or Quartz or body armour 9h. These ‘glass’ coatings are permanent in nature and in many elements are superior to the other forms of protection. The cost is also the a lot higher given the nature and work that goes into each application.

Coatings provide 3 major benefits:

  • Hydrophobicity Surface that beads and where water will literally run off the surface.
  • Intense Gloss. The surface will have added depth and clarity from the glass coating.
  • Physical Resistance. Protect from abrasions, bird droppings, watermarks or graffiti.


Unlike Waxes and Sealants, the nature of applying glass coatings takes much longer as the coating needs to cure. Depending which coating, the curing time may vary.
Please note that within all the coatings each rating or percentage is actually a massive difference and should be regarded as so. For example 9/10 is incredibly different to 6/10. There are multiple coatings to choose from, each option providing superior protection.


Waxes are the oldest and most evolved form of paint protection. The highest quality of these being Brazilian Carnauba Palm Wax. The quality of this wax depends on the purity and the percentage of Carnauba wax present within each formula but also other key ingredients such as fruit oils etc.

There are more waxes available then what has been listed here. Please contact us to find out the best wax option for you. Waxes will provide a deep and rich lustre that cannot be beaten. It’s only draw back in fact is it’s lifespan. Being an organic material, it will degrade faster than a Sealant or Coating.


Synthetic Sealants are the second stage in the evolution of paint protection.
Stemming from waxes short lifespan, sealants were designed to be longer lasting and thicker in some instances.
Synthetic Sealants also provide a more ‘glassy’ gloss in contrast to the rich, deep gloss from waxes. This allows it to bring the best out of certain paint types where waxes fall short.

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